Athlete Drug Testing – Moral Failing Due To Drug Abuse

Drug testing is becoming very important. Apart from using it for recreation, the use of drugs is becoming very common among those who are looking to enhance their performance in sports and exams are resorting to drugs. Yes! The use of performance enhancing drugs is increasing everyday. Continue reading

Athlete Drug High School Testing

When it comes to drug testing Athlete drug testing especially with Athlete drug high school testing college-student athletes in the US have been justified in many ways that bear indirectly on the issue of productivity.  The drug testing campaign for athletics drug high in school testing has adopted a central defense towards the war on drugs.  Drug use in many cases require nothing less than a social force with the aid of law requiring full-scale assault even if the individual’s right and privacy is diminished in the process.

Athletics drug in school testing firmed the widespread execution of random drug testing of public schools and sports schools in a decision that performed well beyond the past ruling that permits drug testing in professional sports than it was previously in the absence of random methods. The rationales for testing young athletes was due to concerns related to their medical safety, their responsibility to serve as role models for their peers and their fans, and their obligation about not to harm the reputation of the schools that they are representing in cases of interschool competitions.  Being absent from this list has a danger of being involved in unethical enhancement of athletic performance.

Whether or not such tests on athletes will have a social consequence is a very complex question that requires far more analysis; however, it is clear that the student athletic population in the US have been forced by courts and schools to play an important role in the war against drugs by extending cooperation to doing drug testing.

Public officials that make the drug testing programs should make their drug testing policy in a way that they have the minor students in mind thereby enhancing the social prestige of the drug testing plan by relating the drug testing with the formation of character of the child in becoming a responsible citizen of tomorrow. The success of any kind of athlete testing method will be with creating a sports culture that is absolutely free of drugs.  The sports organization will be able to get a tangible team health benefit from their investment in anti-doping work if they have a good planned drug testing policy for their organization. Interestingly, powerful sports groups have shown a common attitude of interest in participating in the war for drugs by making drug testing a part of their mission.  This is true with most international and national sports organization.  It would be better if drug testing begins from school levels.

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