Rapid action of amphetamines

All amphetamines are quickly engrossed when taken orally, and still more quickly engrossed when smoked, snorted, or injected. Tolerance to amphetamine builds up with in cooperation of normal and designer amphetamines, leading to the want for rising doses by the abuser. Continue reading

Amphetamine Drug Test

Amphetamine is a drug which is prescribed by physicians for treating Fatigue and Drowsiness. It is also used as a recreational stimulant for enhancement of performance.

The aptitude of amphetamine to relax the mucous membranes and relax smooth muscles enables it to be used as an efficient nasal decongestant. Amphetamine can instill hyperventilation and therefore it is widely recognized as a restorative agent. Moreover, amphetamine creates a sense of inability to be awake, so it is being abused for this particular property by some people, a form of prescription drug abuse.

Amphetamine is said to cause loss of appetite and so there are people that are using it as a part of their plans to reduce obesity! The increased sensation of well-being and a sense of euphoria has caused it to be used for psychiatric depression.  For one or more reasons mentioned about amphetamine is used and some cases overused leading to abuse in prescriptions or from non-prescriptions.

Amphetamines include detroampytamine, methamphetamine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine and their various salts. Even the experienced users cannot find out which drug they have used due to similarity of the effects and the chemical properties.

When Amphetamine drugs are used illegally for enhancing performance, higher doses induce euphoria, sense of increased energy and power, reduced appetite and alertness. Amphetamines’ effect normally lasts for 3 to 4 hours. About 30% of Amphetamines are passed out as urine in an unchanged form and the rest as hydroxylated and deaminated form. Drug test for amphetamines are performed to know the excess amount of amphetamine consumption.

The US government and many employers have mandatory drug testing for Amphetamines, Alcohol, Cocaine etc to make drug-free work places. About 20 million employees are screened annually in USA for illicit drugs particularly amphetamines drug tests.

Amphetamines drug test usually made on urine samples. Instant testing is done by a test strip in urine and the result is seen within minutes. Care should be taken to verify the drug test for amphetamines is FDA Cleared, proven laboratory accurate, has built-in quality controls and a shelf-life of 18- to 24-months. Drug test for amphetamine strip yields a positive result when Amphetamines in urine exceed 1,000 mg/ml.

The drug testing of amphetamines through test strips provides only a preliminary analytical result. An alternate chemical method using Gas chromatography or Mass spectrometry has to be performed for a more accurate confirmation. Furthermore Professional advice and clinical consideration are to be taken into account of Drug-abuse test result analysis.

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