Amphetamine drug dependence and intoxification

Amphetamine addiction refers to constant or periodic use of amphetamine linking drug overdo recognized as speed runs. These incidents are interrupted by short, drug-free phase. Violent or aggressive behavior is related with amphetamine addiction, mainly when high doses are ingested. Strong but provisional anxiety might take place, in addition to paranoid thoughts and psychotic behavior similar to schizophrenia. Amplified tolerance and withdrawal symptoms is branch of the analytic picture. On the other hand, some persons with amphetamine dependence turn out to be sensitized to the drug, undergoing more and greater stimulant, and additional negative cerebral or neurological effects, yet from small doses. Continue reading

Amphetamine drug tolerance

Amphetamines are CNS stimulant drugs that possess euphoria properties. Amphetamines have lethal unfavorable effects including delirium, seizures, hypertension and hyperthermia. Toxicity is handled with compassionate care, as well as IV benzodiazepines for anxiety, hypertension, and convulsion and cooling systems for hyperthermia. There is no conventional withdrawal set of symptoms. Continue reading