Amphetamine -like drugs

Amphetamine-like drugs are called as ephedrine and propranolamine are now obtainable over the counter in the United States. Certain amphetamines are used as suppressants that are sold at low prices that make to use it illegally. Continue reading

Amphetamine drug dependence and intoxification

Amphetamine addiction refers to constant or periodic use of amphetamine linking drug overdo recognized as speed runs. These incidents are interrupted by short, drug-free phase. Violent or aggressive behavior is related with amphetamine addiction, mainly when high doses are ingested. Strong but provisional anxiety might take place, in addition to paranoid thoughts and psychotic behavior similar to schizophrenia. Amplified tolerance and withdrawal symptoms is branch of the analytic picture. On the other hand, some persons with amphetamine dependence turn out to be sensitized to the drug, undergoing more and greater stimulant, and additional negative cerebral or neurological effects, yet from small doses. Continue reading

Amphetamine drug tolerance

Amphetamines are CNS stimulant drugs that possess euphoria properties. Amphetamines have lethal unfavorable effects including delirium, seizures, hypertension and hyperthermia. Toxicity is handled with compassionate care, as well as IV benzodiazepines for anxiety, hypertension, and convulsion and cooling systems for hyperthermia. There is no conventional withdrawal set of symptoms. Continue reading

Can drug addiction be managed? – Morphine drug test

Drug addiction is an unremitting disease, like other chronic such as asthma, heart problems or diabetes. It is frequent for drug addicts to degeneration for drugs. Still, supplementary treatment will lend a hand to fetch back power. Continue reading

Misuse of alcohol by violent people – alcohol blood test

Violent men are more expected to misuse alcohol than nonviolent men. Estimates of alcohol and drug abuse by aggressive men vary form 52 to 85%– rates three times those of nonviolent men. The fatality, as well as the abuser, possibly will be consuming at the instant of an event. One upshot of rough treatment is higher rates with drinking in the middle of fatalities looking for cope with despair, fear, and stress. Studies of household violent behavior as illegal cases, find occurrence involving drugs and alcohol are more likely to be act against than people who do not engage alcohol or drug use. Continue reading

Drug Addiction – Nutritional Defects And Mental Illness

Drug addiction is the process of hijacking the function of central nervous system by the drug. As the total control of the body is maintained by the brain, any defect in the brain leads to abnormal condition and finally results in death. The death related with use of one or more drug is called as acute drug death or overdose or poisoning. The majority of premature death is from the age 20- 44. The most victims are men than women at the mean age of 30. Continue reading

Drug Testing For Lorazepam In Pregnant Women

The worrying fact of the present day life is that women are addicted to drug and alcohol equally to men. Drugs have captured attention of all age, races and ethnic of women. Women undergo different phases in her life right from childhood to old age. The three different phases of women are maiden, mother and crone. Women undergo changes both mentally and physically as the cross different phase in life cycle. The first transition of women’s behavior starts from pre-menopausal stage (below 10 years) to menopausal stage (above 12 years). Continue reading