Drug Addiction – Nutritional Defects And Mental Illness

Drug addiction is the process of hijacking the function of central nervous system by the drug. As the total control of the body is maintained by the brain, any defect in the brain leads to abnormal condition and finally results in death. The death related with use of one or more drug is called as acute drug death or overdose or poisoning. The majority of premature death is from the age 20- 44. The most victims are men than women at the mean age of 30. Continue reading

Drug Addiction Can Be Tested By Ten Panel Drug Screen Test

Drug addiction is the chronic brain disease rather than a moral issue. Drug addiction is similar to that of other chronic disease such as diabetes, asthma, kidney failure and hypertension. Drug addiction alters the activity of the brain and brings about the changes that last forever. Hence drug addiction is called as chronic brain disease. Brain consists of network of nerves where it provides signals for each and every action produced by the body. The main parts of brain affected by the drug addiction are the cortex, limbic region and hippocampus. The resulting distorted brain insists to do illegal things and get addicted to the drug. Continue reading