Alcohol Treatment Facilities – Alcohol Detection Drug Testing

After getting the required treatment from the alcohol treatment facilities it is important for the victims to affiliate with support groups. The outcomes are better and the chances for relapse are very less when any treatment followed by linking the victim to a regular support group. Continue reading

10 Panel Drug Tests Provide Reliable Results To Identify Drug Abuse

The 10 panel drug tests provide reliable results to identify drug abuse. Drug addiction is not only a threat to the life and health of the concerned individual, but it is also harmful to employment and the family members of the one concerned. Continue reading

Benefits of Ten Panel Drug Test

About 10 different drugs can be detected using the 10 panel drug screen.  This test is very useful in identifying various drugs and drug metabolites in the urine at the same time. The results that are obtained in these preliminary immunoassays are defined and confirmed through further preliminary tests and chemical analysis by using 10-panel drug tests. The convenience with these tests lies with that they can be performed at any place.

The following are the major benefits of 10 panel drug test:

10-panel drug test is best for corporate drug testing, as it can test for 10 different drugs and their metabolites in just few minutes. So, if different employees are going to abuse different drugs, it is possible for the employer to test them all with the same kit.  A varied mix of poly substance abuse can be detected in one single dip.

The other benefits of these tests include that they are very easy to use and it can be done with just a basic dip and read method.  The test process is just a solitary step, which is designed to identify the grouping of drugs in the test sample instantly. No extensive incubation, no missed titration methods!

The most commonly abused drugs can be tested using the 10 panel drug testing kit inclusive of cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana (THC), methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, barbiturate, benzodiazepine, and tricyclics. It is helpful to figure out poly drug abuse thereby it eliminates the disadvantage of focusing to test on just one specific drug.

10 Panel drug tests are great yet economic models for pre-employment, random, reasonable cause, clinical, and personal testing for drug abuse. The 10-panel drug test is the best method to identify poly drug abuse within just few minutes. It is pretty perfect for emergency law enforcement and drug testing in place of work, especially after a week end or post vacation inspection process where there is a probability of different people abusing different drugs.

Ten panel drug test device provides an instant and exact testing for a mixture of ten drugs. This test is mostly used in preliminary tests to check for the abuse. If the sample is tested positive for a particular drug, they perform additional tests to confirm the drug that was tested positive.  This eliminates the need to do a lot of time consuming and costly test for almost all drugs that the donor would or would not have abused.

The 10 panel drug test kit is helpful in detecting extensive variety of drugs and their metabolites in the urine sample and they serve to filter out the probable drug the donor has abused over time. A single 10-panel testing device will find out multiple drug abuse in a person. This test offers more protection for less money and less time.

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