Symptoms of ovulation

Ovulation is the release of a mature egg for fertilization. Intercourse at the ovulation period is the right time to become pregnant. Mature egg will be active only for 24-36 hours in a menstrual cycle. Knowing the ovulation time is the best way to plan for a baby.

Most of the women are not aware of the ovulation symptoms and the ovulation period and do not get pregnant at right time. This may be a reason for late pregnancy.

The physical symptoms observed during the ovulation process are

· Tender breast

· Bloated stomach

· Changes in cervical mucus

These are three important factors contribute in the ovulation period. During the ovulation period the level of hormone changes and increases the body temperature. Some women may feel uneasy because of bloated stomach this is because of egg progression towards fallopian tube. More over hormonal changes also result in changes in cervical mucus which becomes transparent.

With the onset of symptoms for ovulation can be conformed by ovulation testing. Ovulation testing can be done with LH detection. LH is responsible for the ovulation to occur. Instant ovulation test can be taken at home itself with the help of ovulation test strip. Urine samples are collected at afternoon time for testing for ovulation. Ovulation test will be accurate in the case of regular menstrual cycle. In irregular it is quite difficult to determine the accurate ovulation time. Best ovulation test such as clear blue ovulation and digital ovulation test can be taken with ovulation predictor kits which are available at medical shops and online.

Once the ovulation period is confirmed by the persisting symptoms this can be followed by noting it in ovulation calendar. Ovulation calendar will help to predict the ovulation day for those who are planning for conception or to avoid conception.
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