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Morphine drug is the narcotic drug which is prescribed for treating mild pains. It is very important to know about the morphine abuse and its effects. Morphine is addicted to overcome the pain experienced by various works and is commonly used by athletes. They are abused for long term which produces certain side effects.

If you are using morphine for long term then does not discontinue taking morphine unexpectedly. Since stopping unexpectedly will cause withdrawal symptoms and build you very painful. So if you want to stop the drug consult your doctor and he will advice how to stop it gradually. Follow the instructions as per the doctor’s advice to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Here is the ways how to use morphine do not mash, chew up, split, or open controlled-release forms of morphine. It must be Swallowed them as whole. They are particularly prepared in such a way to discharge morphine gradually into your system. Cracking them will cause too much of the drug to be freed into your blood at once.

Side effects of Morphine include drowsiness and fatigue. While using morphine try to avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, antihistamines, downer, and tranquilizers which may also make you to feel drowsy except under the direction of your doctor.

Morphine will also results in constipation. This can be overcome by drinking abundance of water to decrease this side effect. Raising the quantity of fiber in diet can also aid to lessen constipation.

Never take more morphine than the prescribed dosage for you. If you feel that your pain is not adequately treated better talk to your doctor rather than taking more morphine by yourself.

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