SAMHSA – Mental Health And Drug Abuse

SAMHSA is the organization that takes care of mental health and drug abuse in the United States. It has a lot of strategies for detecting, treating, counseling, rehabilitating and preventing drug abuse. One of its important strategies is the drug testing. It is essentially a screening test that serves to detect the presence of any drug in your body. It uses any of the following samples to detect the drug: urine, blood, saliva, oral fluids and sweat.

But one of the problems in drug testing is that there are a wide range of drugs that are abused. It is very difficult to say which drug was used as all of them produce more or less the same clinical features. The only fool proof technique is to test for the drug in urine or blood. It is possible that you are looking for cocaine but actually the person is on heroin. It is for this reason that a NIDA-5 or standard SAMHSA five panel test is used for drug testing in urine. It screens for the 5 most commonly abused drugs namely cocaine, marijuana, opiates, PCP or phencyclidine, and amphetamines.

Opiates include morphine drug testing, oxymorphone drug screening, oxycodone drug screen, urine hydromorphone testing, hydrocodone and codeine drug testing kit. NIDA-5 or standard SAMHSA five panel test is a simple, inexpensive, less time consuming procedure and produces sensitive, accurate and reliable results. You can perform the test within few minutes and get the results in less than 2 days. You can maintain the confidentiality of the test too.

If you have doubts if any of your prescriptions drugs might interfere you got to talk to your MRO and you have to let them know of the different drugs that you might have been on until date. The MRO will judge if the drug positive is for abuse or from some kind of prescription drugs.

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