Return to duty drug testing

Workers who were indulged in drug addiction and are caught hold during drug testing are admitted in a drug rehab center in order to get rid of drugs. Once they are clean from drugs they return to their duty. Such workers must be welcomed back with no indications of bad mood with other workers. Even though the workers are returned back to their work they are of ten tested fro drug which is called as return to duty drug testing.

Return-to-duty testing occupies an only one declared test when a worker who has tested positive has finished the necessary treatment for drug abuse and is geared up to come back to the workplace. Some companies also make use of this kind of testing for any worker who has been missing for a comprehensive phase of time.

When the worker is returning back to the work he/she is asked to submit their urine sample for return to duty drug testing. Results of urine test will help to predict the presence or absence of drugs. As the drug metabolites are eliminated through urine they are tested with urine sample. More over this urine test can detect if any drug has been abused during treatment period. Degree of accuracy is more with urine sample in prediction of drugs in the sample.

Necessarily the worker has to pass the urine test conducted after treatment. If the worker did not get through the test he will be terminated from the work. Moreover prescription drug test is also conducted to check whether the worker had been addicted to those drugs. Urine drug testing prescription, urine drug screening, and urine tests for alcohol, drug testing on the job, sample employee drug testing policy are the test carried out in return to duty testing.

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