Researches on saliva drug testing

Saliva drug test detection is considered as the alternative test for urine drug test. The frequent uses of saliva sample have substituted the urine and blood drug testing. Saliva drug testing possesses both pros and cons. The advantage of saliva drug testing is less expensive, less persistent and less risk of infection. Sample collection procedure is very easy and simple compared to the urine sample collection. Disadvantage of saliva drug testing is the viability of sample lasts for only 72 hours. Saliva drug testing requires more advanced technique for effective testing.

Various studies and researches were conducted for saliva drug testing to improve the testing procedures. The sample collection procedure in saliva drug testing is very simple. It involves the use of swabs which may be cotton pads or tooth brush like equipments to collect the sample. The bristles of the scrub are positioned between the gums and lower cheek for about 2 minutes.

Saliva drug test kit are also existing in the market which does not require lab for analyzes. Kit method has more advantages over lab saliva testing method. A Kit method involves just collection of sample from the donor and the swabs are dipped in to the solution in the kit container. The results are reported immediately. Unlike lab test you don’t wait for the results for long time. The kit method is more reliable by all peoples.

Saliva sample replaces certain disadvantage of urine and blood drug tests. Hence the saliva drugs kits are easily sold at market.

Facts about saliva testing are that the saliva test use very simple procedure and equipment like swab drug test. Saliva based drug tests are used to detect the drug within 74 hours from addiction. Thus saliva testing has been an important step in the drug detection which are reported as per the research.

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