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Drug testing is in various formats. One of the most effective ways to test for drugs is to do a random drug testing for drugs. It is used in a number of ways. It can be used by schools to screen their students, in corporations, in defence, in prisons, borstals, fire departments, government institutions, law enforcement agencies etc. Another important use of this drug testing is done on teens by their parents especially when they doubt that their teens are addicted to any of the drugs of abuse.

Random drug testing is the testing of drugs in any group or groups without any prior planning. It tests for the presence of a number of drugs in the body. The person who has to be tested is drawn using a random assigning of numbers.

Random drug testing is one of the most attractive ways to combat illicit drug abuse among teens. This makes it more popular among parents and teachers especially of the teens who are put up in boarding schools. It is reported in the British journal of general practice that around three-fourths of the schools in UK have some sort of drug and alcohol abuse.

Another important use of random drug testing is the testing of the employees drawing random numbers. Though few experts say that it is a breach in the privacy of any individual yet random drug testing has been very effective in controlling the abuse of drugs and has helped in maintaining a healthy workforce.

Random drug testing is mainly done with standard urine drug test kit or Oratect oral screening products. Marijuana oratect swab test is reported to show up top positives. Specimen validity testing is also important in random testing, because there are donors who tend to donate artificial sample even during random testing process.

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