Racial Statistics For Addiction- Drug Testing For Crack Cocaine

The statistics taken for drug addiction in terms of age, sex, race, marital status, origin, and household relationship categories reveals addiction patterns in all sorts of families, but the percentage being a variable.

Statistics are not always accurate; however, it provides with an approximate number that we are use to identify and acknowledge the extent of addiction in the society. Based on statistical percentage you cannot make assumptions about the addictive pattern of the reported age group to have high rate of addiction, or the reported ethnic group as having a high rate of addiction. There are exceptions to every rule.

The client in question might not sometimes fit in to the addictive patterns described for the respective age group, sex, and marital standards of whatever. There are out of the box uniquely different clients always and you need to asses such clients with a different perspective. Do not assume a one fit all treatment formula for all. There is nothing like that either.

Considering racial statistics for drug addiction, the counselor should be bold enough to discuss ethnicity and race. If you take risks to discuss ethnicity and race you are likely to get some valuable information that can be of great help in treating the client.

Power, privilege and racial differences have a role in influencing the characteristic attitude and extent of addiction in the client in question. It should be noted that the difference in racial and ethnic origins of the client, and the counselor affect quality of the treatment. In many cases, similar race/ethnic background for the client-counselor is a plus.

Some ethnic groups have low recovery rate and despite treatment completion, they report to the clinic with accounts of relapse. Some aspects are dominant in a specific addiction group and you need to consider the dominance of such traits to provide a useful recovery program.

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