Pre employment drug testing – Urine Drug Testing

Pre employment drug testing is the most effective screening tool employed by the employers for the selection of the appropriate candidates for their company. It is a proven fact that long term usage of drugs and alcohol affects the higher centers of learning in brain leading to decreased responsiveness, poor concentration, lack of orientation, poor coordination and above all, the incidence of work place accidents are more among the people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is for this reason that employers want to screen the candidates for drug abuse.

It can be done in a number of samples namely urine, blood, sweat and saliva. Each of these tests has its own pros and cons. Urine sample is one of the most widely used samples which works on the principle that all the drugs that is taken into the body gets metabolized and is excreted via urine and can not escape detection when done at the right time with the right type of screening kit.

Blood drug testing is useful to detect the recent intake of drugs and alcohol. There is a specific duration of time when the drug can be detected easily which is called the half life of the drug. This is more convenient to perform when it comes to social factors.

Sweat also contains the excreted drug which can be detected over a fortnight using drug testing patches. These patches are then removed and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The testing can be a non regulated drug screen or non dot drug screen and it can be done with drug test kit for law enforcement. Most of them tend to use urine test strip. However, some companies tend to stick on to saliva testing to avoid embarrassment within employees.

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