Passing A Breathalyzer Test Is Important For On The Road Driving

The device breathalyzer was invented by Prof. Robert F. Borkenstein of Indiana University in the year 1954. Breathalyzer is a hand-held electronic measuring digital device usually gray and black in color which has been developed to measure the alcohol concentrations in the blood stream and in the expelled breath. It can be established by measuring the exchange rate or evaporation rate of alcohol in the solution. This rate is expressed as a constant ratio of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) to breathe alcohol concentration. Using this constant ratio, the blood alcohol content can be calculated.

Passing a breathalyzer test is important for driving on road when intervened by the cops. Passing an alcohol test tends to be the focus of most of them who drive drunk. Tips in passing a drug test is available in plenty around. However, it is not easy to beat drug testing methods for they are pretty complicated and the test methods are efficient with advanced adulterant drug test methods.

The breathalyzers are very helpful devices for the police officials as they can use this to do roadside alcohol test to check if the driver shows up an alcohol level more than the legal limit. A breathalyzer at about the size of a typewriter is always available in a police station. It is also helpful for common people who can use them to check their alcohol levels before starting on a drive.

Breathalyzers contain a round tube like attachment on its top wherein the user breathes. The machine measures the breath alcohol that is filtered from the blood. So, if a person uses a mouth wash which contains certain level of alcohol, then the breathalyzer incorrectly measures the BAC. It cannot distinguish between a mouth alcohol and the alcohol consumption. Also, the results of breathalyzers are many a time affected by factors like temperature, interfering compounds such as use of mouthwash, inhalation of paint fumes, handling glue etc.

Some of the myths about breathalyzers are that by using breath mints, pennies, or onions a person can make fool of the breathalyzer machine. However, usage of these products can only hide the alcohol smell, but does not have anything to do with the blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) measured by breathalyzers.

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