Ovulation Testing Can Also Be Done Through Saliva

Ovulation: During the cycle of menstruation, the levels of Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) increases which causes the ovarian follicles to mature. The raised level of leutenising hormone (LH) encourages the ovum to be released from the follicle. This process is called ovulation.

Ovulation testing: This is primarily developed for the purpose of predicting the time of ovulation to decide on the best time to conceive. On the contrary, this method is also used as a contraceptive measure to indicate the time period during which one should avoid sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy.

How it works: The leutenising hormone (LH) is present in the urine from the first day of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation testing strips tests for the ovulation phase at the right time.

It reaches high levels in between 24 hours to 36 hours before the process of ovulation. Urine ovulation test is the mostly used instant ovulation test to serve as the first response ovulation test.

The egg gets released from the ovary at about 35 hours to 44 hours after the LH surge. It is based on this increase in the levels of LH that the time of ovulation is detected.

Now-a-days, home ovulation testing kits are available. It is similar to that of home pregnancy testing kits. A midstream urine sample is taken and tested with the kit. Two lines of same color show a positive result whereas a single line indicates a negative result.

Another method of testing ovulation is through saliva. The saliva testing is done by taking a smear of the woman’s saliva on a glass slide and observing it under a microscope. In a normal woman, the estrogen level shoots up when she nears the time of ovulation. When the estrogen levels are high, the smear of saliva develops ferning. So, one can make sure by the development of ferns that she is nearing the ovulation period. The disadvantage of this method is that the estrogen levels increase when there are any cysts or intake of fertility medications resulting in the development of ferns which is a falsification.

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