Over The Counter Drug Test

Over the counter drug test employs the preliminary assays that are used in any standard drug test methods. Most of the drug tests that are done in a standard scheduled or rapid drug test methods consist of a preliminary qualitative analysis that gives a yes or no answer to presence of a compound. If the answer is no, then there can be no issues, in cases where the answer is going to be yes, then it can lead to complications like elimination from a safety sensitive job, denial of a job due to pre-hire drug test being positive and in some cases a threat to promotion and lot more.

Most of the drug test kits that give the yes or no analysis can be handled and tested with without any kind of laboratory knowledge. Just dip the strip and if the line occurs it is positive else negative kind of. These drug test strips can be useful for those that are yet to face a drug test for an interview or as a part of the drug testing policy of the company. In cases where one has taken over the counter medication or have abused a bit of drugs recreationally chances are that it will show positive in the test and it can lead to a threat. Anyone that is apprehensive about such positives can self test them right from home from getting the drug test kits delivered from an order placed in an online store.

In cases where you are trying to do over the counter drug test, it is better if you will check yourself on multiple drugs by using the 10 panel and 5 panel test methods. In some cases people turn positive for something that they have not abused either due to interferences from over the counter drugs or due to some other reason. Rather than checking oneself for just one category of drug, it will be better if you will check yourself on a range of drugs. In cases where you test positive, you can search for your prescription bills and correlate if the prescription is the reason behind the positive and this is very necessary if you should talk to your MRO about you being positive on therapeutic grounds and not due to abusive actions.

Never panic if you are turning positive for no cause. Even in cases where you have taken over-the-counter medications the bills that you paid for the purchase can stand to support you for the genuine nature of your positive; however, you need to be quite good in explaining the logics if you are guilt free.

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