Oralert Vs Urine Drug Testing For Testing Drugs

MDMA is a psychotropic drug acting on the synapses and increasing the concentrations of serotonin in the neuronal junctions. It acts by two mechanisms. Firstly it acts on the SERT and inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and secondly it causes more release of serotonin into the junctions thereby increasing the action of serotonin.

Though it has been banned, yet it was seriously considered for the couples’s therapy in psychological counseling. Apart from this it has a number of beneficial effects like increased wakefulness, endurance, increased performance, increased energy, alertness and analgesia. The pain alleviating property of MDMA can be utilized in the palliative therapy of tertiary cancer.

There is also decrease in fear, reduced anxiety, hostility, improved confidence and euphoria. It also increases empathy, and forgiveness and closeness to others.

Other name of MDMA is ecstasy. It produces intense euphoria and fearlessness. It also produces so much of energy that it instills an uncontrollable desire to dance which has made it popular in dance parties as a recreational drug. Further on increased consumption, it causes addiction and dependence.

One main issue of MDMA regarding drug abuse is that it can be taken with a number of other drugs of abuse mainly LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide or ketamine. It is known as candy flipping and kitty flipping respectively. Chronic use of MDMA would lead to neuro toxic effects and affects mental health grossly. It causes depression, cognitive damage, hallucinations and impairment of long term memory.

When you consider oralert vs urine drug testing for testing drugs you will see that oratect test that is done as a cotton drug swab test is most preferred because of the ease involved in collecting the sample. Since the sample can be collected onsite, there is less chances for the sample to be adulterated, because you can collect it under 100% supervision. In cases of urine samples you will require urine adulteration testing to check for the viability of the sample that has been donated for drug test.

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