Nicotine In Urine Tests – Nicotine Swab Test – Stop Smoking Test

Certain drugs interact with the other drug when have combined action. These interactions either increases or decrease the action of drugs or medication. Similarly, tobacco interacts with oral contraceptives. Tobacco is consumed directly or indirectly via cigarette. Now day’s women smoke equally to men and are at high risk developing illness. Oral conception does not affect the women who do not smoke. Women at the age of 35 have high risk to illness due to the combined action of tobacco and oral contraceptive.

The interaction of tobacco with contraceptives leads to several effects of cardio vascular disease such as stroke and blood clot are increased. The combined action of birth control pills and smoking will increase the blood pressure in women. Several problems related to gall bladder, liver and kidneys are also reported. Sometimes birth control pills may make stronger the effects of drugs. Women who take oral contraceptives should check the blood pressure in correct time interval. Pregnant women who smoke will be the source for the effect of fetus by the chemical found in the tobacco. Smoking along with oral contraceptive during pregnancy will lead to premature delivery, miscarriage and neonatal death. This type of Child experience ear aches, colds, respiratory problems and other symptoms.

Sometimes interaction of tobacco with oral contraceptives results in infertility. The studies also revealed that smoking impair the reproductive system which reduces fertilization and ovulatory process. Tobacco consists of a chemical which impairs the cervical fluid which becomes toxic to sperm and prevents the formation of zygote.

Nicotine in urine tests or nicotine swab test is mainly done as nicotine test for insurance more than to check for abuse. However, snorting other drugs like cocaine, Marijuana etcetera can be present along with tobacco. So, in many cases stop smoking test can also be combined with drug multi panel screen test.

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