Nicotine Drug Tests Are Meant To Check For Tobacco Abuse Of Any Kind

Of all the forms of addiction, the worst is smoking. It affects people both on the active and passive smoking and is the major etiological agent for a large number of cancers and also has an unbreakable relationship with the lung pathologies.

The active principle in the tobacco based products is nicotine. This is responsible for addiction. But the nicotine after entering in to our body gets converted to cotinine. This serves as an important indicator for smoking. It appears in the body in an hour of smoking and remains for several days. This means that even if you stop smoking before 3 days of interview, then still you can be caught if they screen for cotinine. This is an added advantage for the employers.

Further the amount of cotinine depends on the amount of tobacco inhaled. So active smokers will harbor more cotinine than passive smokers! Other factors that determine the level of cotinine are number of years of smoking, number of cigarettes smoked per day, and the mode of smoking- with or without filters, etc. Moreover if it is a menthol cigarette, then the duration of retention of cotinine is more.

The best method to find out the level of cotinine is to screen the blood. If you are an employer, then know how to do the blood testing and the kit that is required. The candidates ought to know that cotinine is very sensitive in finding out the true addicts.

Nicotine Drug tests are meant to check for smoking and tobacco usage of any kind. Smoking by itself is harmful and when combined with other kinds of drugs, then it can kill you soon. The ill effects of smoking are more for someone who is passive smoking than the smoker itself.

Forensic urine drug test does have standard urine drug test comprise of other drugs of abuse and mostly they use 10 panel drug tests or 12 panel drug tests in combination with adulterant testing for specimen validation.

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