Myths of using breathalyzers

Breathalyzer machine is a drug testing equipment employed in testing for blood alcohol content in the alcohol abused person. Breathalyzer test is widely applied in the highway drug testing for drivers. A law was passed regarding breathalyzer as a successful tool for testing the alcohol content in the person. This is one of the instant methods of alcohol testing in the drivers. The myths of breathalyzer are that it predicts the alcohol content in the blood directly. It does not require any additional equipment or chemicals to predict the level of the alcohol. The estimated alcohol levels are accurate. The second tale about the blood alcohol content can be reduced by sucking some copper based pennies. But the fact it does not lower the alcohol content.

Certain people will blindly use mouth refresher to reduce the alcohol content in the blood but they just mask the odor of the alcohol and does not reduce the level of BAC.

Some peoples are misguided for using mouthwash prior to breathalyzer test. The true fact is that mouth wash contains small amount of alcohol there by increasing the rate of BAC rather than decreasing.

The other myth is the prediction of BAC is 100% accurate. This is not true because breathalyzer not only tests for alcohol it also predicts the other substance in the mouth. s sometimes results may be falser positive.

The above discussed myths will not help you to pass from BAC test. Clearing alcohol from the body is quite difficult and requires perfect tactic.

Portable breathalyzers, alcohol breathalyzer are available in the market used to detect the blood alcohol level. This is one of the rapid and instant methods to detect the blood alcohol level. It even works in the case of adulteration of sample with adulterants like mouth wash.

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