Menopause test

Menopause is a stage in women’s life where the function of ovarian decreases. It is indicated by the cessation of the menstruation for 12 months. It is characterized by the perimenopausal stage which lasts for several years. A woman can attain menopause in early stage of 40 or late stages of 60’s.

Symptoms of menopausal stage includes irregular cycles, insomnia and fatigue, irritability, skipped cycles, night sweats, hot flashes, mood swinging, poor concentration, dry vagina, depression and loss of sex drive.

Now days it is reliable to test for menopause at home itself. Menopause test kits are used to test whether a woman is in menopause stage or perimenopause stage. This test kits works by detecting the level of follicle stimulating hormone in the urine sample. FSH is the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland that are secreted in excess every month. This temporary elevation of FSH level enhances the ovaries to produce eggs. When a woman enters in to the menopausal stage the secretion of FSH is lowered and menstruation is ceased.

Menopause test is the qualitative test that can either tested in lab or at home. Menopause lab testing involves collection of urine sample or blood sample and proceeded with the lab analysis. A woman can approach lab test when she is experienced with the above discussed symptoms. Hormone level test aids to have a better knowledge about the menopause and present condition in a woman.

Home menopause test can be performed by collecting the urine sample in a clean container. The testing device is dipped in to the container containing urine sample. Particular chemical in the testing kit will react with FSH hormone and produce color. Online menopause test are also accessible where you should answer the questions put forth in the site and get the information.

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