Mandatory drug testing for athletes

Drug testing for athlete have become mandatory in recent years. Either random drug testing or intimated drug testing will be carried out in the drug testing lab or onsite. If it is in drug testing lab, the selected candidate for the drug test should appear with in the stipulated time. The testing station is thought to be a confidential, secure place where lots of drinks are obtainable. Repeatedly it is grouped in a particularly designed portable testing unit. Self-governing sampling officers, whom are qualified and selected by the own governing body; perform the collection of urine samples. Every officer takes a time restricted identity card and a correspondence of authority for the occasion to which they are allocated.

Previous to giving a urine sample, the athlete is informed to choose two numbered bottles. Subsequent to giving the sample about 100 ml, the athlete has to willingly complete a form. The athlete announces any drug treatment occupied in the earlier seven days and have to make sure and indication that the sample has been taken and to be found in the bottles accurately.

The urine sample is then dispatched for chemical analysis to a laboratory at present credited by the IOC. In the event of a positive test consequence, the laboratory will inform the leading body of the sport, who will after that inform the athlete. The regulations of the governing body of the exacting sport decide what take place next. The rules differ crosswise leading bodies, sports and countries. An athlete is more often than not overhanging whereas a positive result is examined, but has the exact to have a instant analysis of the urine sample.

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