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Generally we hear of Urine drug testing which is an affective lab drug test. If it is done under the proper precautions it can be 90% + accurate. However there are several laboratory drug tests that can be used. Below we are going to talk about a few of the laboratory drug testing methods you might not normally hear about.

Generally there are three typical lab drug testing used to tell whether or not someone has been using. Frequently urine is used on testing for marijuana and other drugs for employment, probation, or parolee. Additionally one can use the hair, saliva, and/or urine to test for marijuana and other drugs in the blood stream.

Urine lab drug test: these tests are often conducted in the office with use of sterile cups to preserve the specimen. The laboratory will than use a dropper to pull the specimen from the cup without contamination. The specimen is than applied to the testing strip for analysis. The laboratory keeps well documented records and forwards the reports to the company or doctor requesting the test.

Saliva laboratory drug test: Though saliva lab drug test seem to be easier it has its draw backs. When a laboratory collects saliva specimens for testing the results only show what has been used within the last 12-24 hours which doesn’t leave room to find a historical trend in drug use. However the tests are less invasive and show quicker results. Additionally the laboratory merely places the mouth piece in the patients mouth for two minutes saturating the pad with saliva than it is placed in a collection cup. This way makes it more difficult to beat the drug testing and give more accurate results within 12-24 hours of use.

Hair Follicle Laboratory Drug Testing: hair follicles leave a history within them. It will show the laboratory the date of each use and how much was used. These tests are more accurate and much harder to beat. The hair follicle can show the laboratory what drugs the person used for the last 90 days. It will show whether it was a trace amount, being around someone using or whether the person tested was using by the levels of drugs in the system.

Some of the biggest reasons people are drug tested today is to start a new job or to keep one. Places like LabCorp Drug testing are done frequently for on the job services. Remember that it is important to ensure that the company you choose is one of excellence and preserves the specimen well. There is a high market for drug testing and researchers are always looking for new ways to improve the speed and accuracy of drug testing today. We fight with those trying to beat the system but there are ways to ensure an accurate reading another story indeed.

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