Jobs Drug Test -Firing Followed By Failed Drug Test

A failed drug test need not always lead to firing off job. There are employers who offer treatment to help you recover out of your job. It is your right to refuse a drug test per law; however, several employers might not hire you if you refuse to take up the drug test.

Amphetamine and Methamphetamines, Ayahuasca, Bufotenine, Cocaine, crack cocaine, DXM, Dimethyltryptamine, Ephedrine, Ecstasy, Rufees, Ibogaine, GHB, LSD, Khat, Opiates, Ololiuqui, Peyote, PCP, Magic Mushrooms, Salvia and many more are commonly used Recreational drugs.

Those recreational drug users who test positive are in most cases fired off job; however, there are a few employers who offer drug rehabilitation program; however, without other benefits of paid leave and stuff. If the subject is highly skilled, based on the past benefits of the drug user to the company, some companies might even choose to go the extra mile to restore the skill by providing paid medical leave. It all depends upon the history of the employee in question.

Several companies are trying to perform regular drugs tests on their employees to ensure that their workplace is absolutely drug free. This is because Workers’ Compensation plans in many states provide for employers to maintain a drug free workplace. The norms are not the same in all states. The required paperwork and procedure for the testing differ between states. Once the company receives the certificate for being a drug free workplace, several other benefits follow.

Every company is trying to procure the required certificate by doing jobs drug test. Pre employment drug testing companies have clear programs in place for business drug test.

The drug testing service offered by these companies compliance with drug screening company policy, save the company a lot of money on per head employee cost to company.

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