Importance of student athlete drug test – athlete drug test

Since 1965 Drug testing athletes was performed. As like drug testing athletes in Olympic game, drug testing athlete in schools also followed. Random drug testing in school athlete is widely saluted by most of the schools.

Drug testing athlete in schools has certain procedure to be followed by school authority board.

· Before drug testing the suspected athlete, school board must pass the valid reason for suspicion.

· Drug testing methods should not disturb the light of the suspected individual

· Only trained person is employed for drug testing the athlete as per the state laws.

Method of handling the drug testing program differs from state and schools. Whatever the method may be for drug testing, it must produce true results and interpretations. Moreover it must work more cautiously so that it does not affect the future of non addicted individuals.

School should understand about the importance of drug testing athletes. If drug addicted athlete is allowed to participate in sports then real hard worker could not win the game.

Drug addiction in athlete can be eradicated by educating the athlete about drug addiction and its consequence. Both physical and psychological effects of drug addiction must be taught to the athlete. It may prevent drug addiction in school level. Drug testing athletes at the school level will reduce the chances of addiction in national level. Another issue has to be considered in drug testing in the intake of supplements by athletes. These supplements will help to beat drug tests.

Athletic drug testing and athletic drug high school testing are working out with an intention of eradicating drug addiction in athletes at school level. Drug high school sports testing have more importance in school where school board hope for drug free athlete and sports environment.

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