How to use breathalyzer – breathalyzer kit

Alcohol breathalyzer is extensively applied in the high way side to detect the level of alcohol in the drivers. Use of breathalyzer is more reliable than any other alcohol testing device. It can be even used while driving or operating heavy machines. It does not produce any harm to the user and people surrounding them. Reliable pocket personal breathalyzer and breathalyzer is also available which detects the alcohol content very rapidly.

Accuracy of the breathalyzer kit is based on the handling procedure of the device. If it is not properly used it will produce false negative or positive result. This test aids to test for alcohol at the moment and can be passed for further lab test for confirmation.

There are some safety rules to store the breathalyzer device. Since it contains acid and strong oxidizing agent it must be kept away from direct sunlight and out of children. It is to be noted that device should not immersed in water and must be disposed immediately once after use. Always store the device at room temperature and can be used till expiry date.

Here is the procedure for using the breathalyzer machine.

· Pierce both ends of the pack

· Discard the white crystals which are harmless

· Blow up At the point of exhalation present in the bag

· Cover the neck of bag tightly with white cap

· Compress the bag evenly so that breath inside the bag will get in to the tester

· Wait for a while for the results to display. You can notice either red color or green color

· Red color indicates the normal limit of alcohol and the green color indicates the presence of alcohol over the legal limit.

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