How Drug Addiction Affects Work – Work Place Drug Testing

Drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease caused by compulsive drug consummation. This addiction might be due to the use of prescription drugs or the likes of cocaine and heroin. With time, the brain’s chemistry is altered to such an extent that not having the drug could cause very unpleasant sensations in the body to the extent of pain. Finally, this compelling urge to use a drug reaches a level where it disrupts work, relationship and health.

The point that it begins to affect work is when it starts to become more important than one’s own job. The physical and emotional consequences of drug addiction make it difficult to function, impairing judgment to a dangerous level affecting performance. Drug addiction causes irritability, agitation and anger all of which impair group and team behavior. All these traits also affect the interpersonal relationship that one might have. Heavy drug use causes health affliction as well including lung diseases, arthritis, heart problems and all sorts of illness. This has an adverse effect on work performance, and cause increased absence from work as well. It eventually renders one incapable of even keeping a job.

Drug addiction causes huge economic causes due to the negligence of work by people who are drug addicted. The losses in productivity are extremely huge. Estimates of the total overall costs of substance abuse in the United States—including health- and crime-related costs as well as losses in productivity—exceed half a trillion dollars annually. This includes approximately $181 billion for illicit drug use.

Workplace drug screening can be workplace random drug testing or something that has been priorly notified. Oral drug testing is sensed to be the more convenient method of drug testing in work place and is most preferred against urine drug testing; however, alcohol breathalyzer tend to be the common testing method for alcohol.

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