How does morphine affects the user – drug test method

Morphine is a narcotic drug which is taken orally, intravenous injection or by injection into the muscle. If doctor has given morphine, it is likely to experience side effects with that dosage alteration. Morphine basically acts like a sedative and analgesic.

Morphine drug addiction leads to many side effects as they are habitually used as sedative and pain killers. It is important to discuss about the side effects of morphine. People with past medical treatment will develop allergy with morphine drug addiction. Because morphine will react with the chemical present in the pat medication and develops allergies. Allergy will result in itching and rashes.

Common side effects include outlook of dizziness and ecstasy are more common with morphine because of its sedative property. Morphine could worse blood pressure which is the causative to side effects of dizziness.

Gastrointestinal Side Effects also included with morphine side effects. Morphine will cause nausea and constipation up on habitual use. Vomiting is likely to occur in certain people. Constipation is accompanied with the stomach pain In the case of morphine addiction.

It also has some Urinary Symptoms such as difficulty in urinating which cause stomach pain and discomfort. When morphine is injected it results in redness and pain in the injected area. Tenderness and swelling will be observed in the injected area. Injected area should be checked for pain and tenderness.

Every doctor prescribes the morphine drug with the warning. As it is sedative it will reduce the respiration and thereby leading to death. Beware of mental alertness; never go for drive when you are in depressed state.

Drug test 10 panel, 5 panel drug screen test, teen drug test are the test carried out for drug addiction and drug abuse. It is important to follow correct and efficient drug test method.

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