How can testing positive in drugs influence your health insurance in the US?

Drug addiction is the major nerve-racking disease has rooted in to the society right from early 19th century. The possible ways for drug addiction are family background, compulsion, self motivation, loss of self control, environmental stress, etc. drug addiction have affected the teen agers than the old people. To recover the drug addicted teen agers several rehab program with drug testing are functioning effectively. Drug testing ensures the amount of drug addicted and what is the possible way to recover the abuser from drug. Rehab program are provided with health insurance because the treatment cost is quite high. Rehab program depends on the amount of drug consumed. Most of the drug abuser cannot afford the fee for their rehab treatment. Health insurance provides minimum amount so that they can at least bear the drug detoxification test.

Insurance company offers health insurance for the following drug testing programs they are drug detoxification, cocaine treatment, heroin treatment, marijuana rehab program and other certified programs. Insurance company bears the half the fee for drug testing programs. If drug testing results are positive they can claim for premium which help for their treatment. The insurance is dependent on the result provided from the lab by drug test result.

Drug abusers from very poor family who cannot afford the drug rehab fee are postponing the treatment program. One of the reasons for the delay of treatment is lack of proper health insurance and money. US department of health and human services are providing the information about the drawbacks of drug addiction and health insurance and funds. Women are easily offered with health insurance.

In the case of issuing the health insurance the applicant should undergo the following test such as testing for drug abuse, screening for drug abuse, drug test urinalysis, and substance abuse test.

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