Goals and Objectives of counseling

The main aim of counseling section of the rehab program is to make the patients to stay away from drug. Attaining and preserving self-discipline from alcohol or other drugs of abuse or, for patients not capable or unenthusiastic to work in the direction of total abstinence, dropping the quantity and regularity of drug use and attendant of the subjects connected with drug use disorders.

Next aim is to stabilize acute psychiatric symptoms occurring in the drug addicts. Problems are resolved by the checking both physical and mental health of the patients admitted. Resolving or dropping problems and humanizing physical, arousing, communal, family, interpersonal, work-related, educational, religious, economic, and lawful functioning. Rehab program motivates and works in the direction of positive lifestyle alteration.

Relapse is very common phase faced by all kind of addicts in the rehab programs. Rehab aims to overcome the relapse occurring in the addict by diverting their thinking in various other physical and congenital activities. More over a counseling program will motivate patients to look for detoxification or inpatient handling if symptoms deserve, and occasionally ease an instinctive promise for psychiatric mind. Counseling program educates patients about mental illness, addictive ill health, healing, and the recuperation process. And also it supports patients’ pains at recovery and provides an intellect of expect about positive change.

It helps out patients boost up self-awareness so that in sequence concerning dual disorders can be modified. It assists patients to identify troubles and part of change. Assisting patients to develop and get better trouble solving aptitude and expand revival coping skills. It facilitates pharmacotherapy assessment and fulfillment. Drug testing is the effective program supporting the objectives of counseling process in the rehab program which includes drug screening tests, medical drug testing, opiate drug tests, Oralert saliva test, urinalysis drug screening.

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