Evaluation of drug results by MRO – job drug test

Drug Testing labs have widespread trial to re-confirm a positive test prior to reporting in the job drug test. The majority of drug testing services also make use of the services of a self-governing physician called a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to evaluate all drug test results. In the case of a positive result, the MRO will usually make contact with the donor to decide if there is any medicinal clarification for the positive results. For instance, consumption of poppy seeds prior to a test can effectively result in a drug false positive screening for opiate drug tests. Still, MRO also be familiar with that poppy seeds cannot be the reason for firm levels of opiates, and certain extra testing can eradicate poppy seeds.

There are test which can also results negative but show an irregular result, for example a low creatine level which indicates that the donor have attempted to dilute the sample by too much drinking of water or some other form of adulteration.  These results are also examined by the MRO at his desk.

If the positive test is established, the donor should have the right to compensate for a retesting of the sample. Urine samples for all positive tests are kept hold for this purpose. Just taking a fresh test will not be helpful because the drugs might have gone from the system. Trustworthy and certified laboratories will rest behind their results and offer professional witnesses; even though the odds of a false positive are practically do not occur.

If a present worker tests positive, then the worker must go behind the policies and procedures of the companies. Certain workers will make use of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which can organize for drug testing professional and drug testing advice. Drug test results are finally reported by the MRO.

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