Effects Of Drugs In The Work Place

Drug abuse is a very serious issue. A survey shows that about 70% of the drug users are in full employment. Substance abuse in a workplace can bring severe effects. It can cause performance impairment. It is because of this only most of the employers have included drug test as a vital part of their HR practices. The substance abuse not only put the drug users into trouble, but also their families, co-workers, and general public. Drug and alcohol test can reveal the degree of addiction.

The use of illicit drugs reacts with the individual’s central nervous system and results in impaired judgment. It also reduces the concentration ability of a person and in turn reduces their performance level at work. There is reportedly higher percentage of errors in the workplace due to substance abuse and in turn increases the workplace accidents and injuries to the coworkers. Several of them have a drug and alcohol test permit to organize regular tests.

This also affects the drug and alcohol testing company in way of decreased production and increased absenteeism; however positive drug and alcohol testing employees can be subject to warnings and treatments.

A recent study on the Applied Psychology reveals that there is approximately 60% increase in absenteeism and about 47% increase in the termination of employment due to usage of drugs. Another survey from drug employee in place test victorville

reveals that the rate of accidents and mortality is 4 times higher among the drug users than the non-users of drug.

As a means to assist their employees and to tackle the less productivity issues, companies now-a-days have setup their own drug rehab programs. They help the employees by doing counseling and monitor their response to the treatment using drug test methodologies. This has proved to be very effective in bringing down the ill effects of drugs at workplace.

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