Ecstasy Addiction – Xtacy Urine Test

MDMA also known as ecstasy is a drug commonly abused by all age groups.  The discovery of the drug meant to bring down appetite, reduce hunger; however, this drug not used for the intended purpose because of its nature of producing hallucinogenic effects.

Initially, this drug helped with the treatment of specific mental illnesses. The drug made situations worse than cure.  By the time, people who went to nightclubs and used the drug for the hallucinations it produced.  This has now evolved to be the mostly used club drug in existence.

Names like Hug, Kleenex or X-TC identify ecstasy.  This is available in tablet, pill or in a capsulated form. Some use this drug by injecting the pill in to the anus, known as shafting or shelving.  This drug is also available as an injection.

The euphoria caused by the drug makes the use feel happy, relaxed and loved.  Users abuse this drug for the emotional state of mind they achieve with this drug than for the physical addiction this drug produces.

Some people use ecstasy for the purpose of seduction and they do not acknowledge the application of the drug for the same purpose.  Despite using, many people do not acknowledge they use it. This drug has a seductive potential. With time, they tend to develop a feeling that they cannot go ahead anymore without it and the frequency of usage increases.

Regular usage of these drugs increases the tolerance levels and with time people require to dose on higher levels to achieve the hallucination and sometimes they tend to dose on combination drugs to get the effect they are looking for.

With chronic usage, addicts are not able to come down from the high as easily.  They experience heavy mood swings and in many cases short-term memory loss.

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