Early home pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests appear for a particular hormone hCG in the urine or blood. hCG is the hormone secreted only when a woman is pregnant. This hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), is also called as the pregnancy hormone.

The pregnancy hormone hCG, is secreted in body when a fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus. This generally happens for about 6 days following conception. The level of hCG increases severely with every day indicating that you are pregnant.

There are two major types of pregnancy tests. One is blood test for the pregnancy hormone, HCG and the other is urine test that checks for this hormone. Urine test can be taken at home with a home pregnancy test. Blood tests are conducted only by the doctors.

At present, most of the women first use early hCG level home pregnancy test to detect out if they are pregnant. Home pregnancy test kit is reasonably priced, confidential, and simple to use. Urine tests will produce positive result for pregnancy about 2 weeks following ovulation.

The variety of home pregnancy test are equate home pregnancy test, best home pregnancy test, clear blue pregnancy test.

Most of the test kits follow the similar procedure. The common instruction is to hold the testing strip in the urine stream while urinating. Some test kits involves collecting urine sample in a cup and then sinking the stick into it. You have to wait for few minutes to interpret the results. The time limitation differs from each brand. Certain brand produces a line or plus symbol indicating the positive result for pregnancy. It does not matter whether the line is thin or bold. Control window will be provided to ensure that line is working or not. Test result will be accurate only in the case if you follow the instructions properly.

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