Drug Testing For Lorazepam In Pregnant Women

The worrying fact of the present day life is that women are addicted to drug and alcohol equally to men. Drugs have captured attention of all age, races and ethnic of women. Women undergo different phases in her life right from childhood to old age. The three different phases of women are maiden, mother and crone. Women undergo changes both mentally and physically as the cross different phase in life cycle. The first transition of women’s behavior starts from pre-menopausal stage (below 10 years) to menopausal stage (above 12 years).

As the women are attracted by the drugs they face adverse affects at different phases. They include drug abuse during pregnancy and drug abuse during menstrual cycle. Drug abuse during menstrual cycle involves less absorption of drugs by the body. Since several hormones changes takes place during this cycle the drugs effect will not be constructive. The other reason for less absorption of drug during menstrual cycle is due to change in gastrointestinal transit. The studies reveal that the older women metabolize the drugs more easily than the adults because adult women’s absorption of drug is low. Hence treating the drug abuse at adult stage is easy than at older age. Oxazepam and lorazepam are the short life time benzodiazepines which are used by the adult are less absorbed or metabolized during menstrual cycle.

Drug abuse during pregnancy is due to addiction to the prescribed drugs. During pregnancy the consumed drugs are transported to the fetus via placenta. It affects the fetus too.

Drug testing for lorazepam is also combined in finding out for benzodiazapine test, xanax urine test, amphetamine drug test and also for adderall drug test. Pregnant women who are depressed tend to depend on psychotic drugs in a way to find relief and some of them are not concerned about the future of the fetus at all.

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