Drug testing for employee

Employer drug test is mainly concentrated by the companies. A good employee ensures that they are free from substance and are dedicated to their work. Full dedication and involvement of a worker will improve the quality and quantity of the product. An employee is certified based on their work performance, regular attendance, discipline and sincerity. Drug addiction has rooted into the companies too where workers abuse drug during work hours.

The reasons for workers to abuse drug are work stress and loss of self control. Coworkers may motivate others to abuse drug. Drugs main action is to arrest the function of brain. Brain is the central system controlling the behavioral activities and ability of a person. Once the person is addicted to drug their behavior changes and affect the performance ability. Behavior of the drug addicted person will totally differ such as reduced personal ability, loss of cognitive thinking, reduced disciplinary actions. Once if the basic function of a person is affected by drug he losses his work performance. Due to drug addicted workers company have to count the loss of production. This has been increased to five folds in certain companies.

Drug screening testing for employee is to make sure about the status of the worker during work hours. Drug testing for employee are at practice from early1960’s. Test may be conducted during work hour as inspection or every month randomly. This creates alertness among the workers. Pre employment drug testing also practiced as companies have awakened from the risk.

Drug testing in the work place has become one of the policies in the company. Workplace drug testing will avoid the drug addiction during work hours and ensures well disciplined substance free environment in the company. Drug testing centers have implemented near to the companies for employee drug testing.

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