Drug test

Drug testing has become an important part of pre employment procedure for many high risk jobs. The drug testing is also used by individuals to assess the status of any drug in their body, so that they can face the pre employment screening with confidence. Sometimes these kits prove handy for the parents of teens too. Drug test kits are simple qualitative analysis devices that use lateral flow immuno chromatography assay for the screening procedure. These kits can be a single panel kit that tests a single drug or multi panel kit that tests a wide range of drugs.

Drug test strips are another potent drug testing media that show a change in the color strips which is indicative of presence of the suspected drug. The mostly commonly tested sample using these strips is urine. Urine forming the major excretory pathway for almost all drugs, this test detects drugs in urine. The urine has to be collected in sterile cups and the strip must be dipped up to the indicated level and the results can be read within 5 minutes. But the drug must be present in optimum concentrations to provide valid results or else it would give false negative results.

Drug tests are usually done for alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines, heroin, opioids, THC, PCP, etc. these drugs can be tested in the samples of urine, blood, hair follicle, sweat and saliva. The detection time differs between different drugs which are determined by the solubility of the drug, its concentration, first pass metabolism, and individual determinants such as age, sex, BMI, health status, etc. Hair follicles permit detection even after 90 days of in take of the drug. Moreover you can use the hair from any part of the body for the test.

The other name for home based drug testing kits is the over the counter drug test which was initially introduced to help the parents determine the status of drugs of abuse in the system of their loved ones. But now many of the people are using them with specific purposes.

Standard drug test comprises of two levels of analysis. The initial stage is the qualitative analysis using the immunoassays. The confirmatory tests come under the second level testing that uses chromatography and mass spectrometry. These confirmatory tests are done only if the screening procedure shows positive. The confirmatory tests are highly sensitive than the basic drug tests.

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