Drug Test Strip To Identify The Presence Of Drugs

Drug addiction has targeted most of the people all over the world. The factors leading to drug addiction include loss of self control, lack of proper education, compulsion, stress and exploration. This article will discuss about how lack of education leads to drug addiction.

The coming of the drug test strip to identify the presence of drugs over prescription limits is a boon in identifying those who are abusing drugs. Nida 10 panel drug test, 12 panel drug tests, 5 drug test panel are the strips that are commonly used to test for more than one drug at a time. Most of the prohibited drugs of use can be tested with these strips. Oral fluid drug testing is also available for such drugs.

Children from well to do family will be admitted in a high performance school for their education. School focuses not only on the academic face of the child and also conduct moral and awareness courses. This awareness program aids the child to gain knowledge about the environment, drugs, sex education and people. These kinds of children will come to know boon and ban of the every thing surrounding them. The chances of addiction are very less in these children.

Where as children from low class family who could not educate their children in a proper way seems to face lot of illegal problems. The basic need for a child is education apart from food, shelter and care. Parents who are not well educated are very less likely to be aware of education. This probably affects their child. Lack of education is one of the root causes for the drug addiction at adult stage. Uneducated child will be more easily attracted towards drug than a well educated child. Low education motivates a child to involve in evil behavior like drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. Addiction obviously leads to other misbehavior like robbery, cheating and even motivates to murder. On the whole lack of education spoils the future of a child.

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