Drug Test Saliva Accuracy

Since the ability to collect oral fluid is completely noninvasive drug oral swab test is becoming increasingly popular.  The drug oral test is a directly observable method and the test results are available in just 15 minutes and it has been proven that the point of testing results provided by the drug test saliva accuracy is at par with any kind of urine test that is being done in the laboratory.

The saliva drug test error rates are very low.  The tendency to mistake a legal drug usage for an illicit abuse is very common in urine drug tests regardless of low margins of errors these problems are mostly related to cross reactivity.  The results produced by the chromatography and immunoassay are lot dependent on the ph of the urine.  The advantage of oral drug screen is that the parent compound can be detected much too early thus avoiding the problem of false positive due to illegal drug usage; however, with prescription drug abuse we might not say that the positive is safe, higher tests methods should be used to judge the real truth behind the results.

With the growth of the drug testing industry there has been a parallel growth of the drug test detoxification industry that is interfering a lot in the accuracy of both saliva and urine tests.  With the influence in the urine test being more, though there are drug beat tests for saliva also, they are not very competitive in managing the beat up. Detoxification product usage can be detected using integrity test methods in saliva also.  Therefore the saliva tests are getting to be more in use; however, some of the drug test results are better in urine than in saliva and you need to talk to your drug testing company about the kind of substances that you intend to test for and about how reliable and which method is most apt for your purpose.

The major source of false negatives comes with the interference by the detoxification industry despite all such, there are high grade drug detection methods that can detect detoxification and also further results.  Oral drug test is also forensically reliable and difficult and disputed test results can be proved legally with interpretation and higher tests methods from the laboratory.  Saliva test results can vouch to stand a foot against law and it is legally acceptable as detection methods and the test results are also considered to be reliable and accurate.

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