Drug Test For Morphine Is Mostly By Urine Testing

Morphine is natural opium which occurs as white crystals or white powder and has bitter taste and alkaline reactions. When orally ingested, it is well absorbed by the intestines and this first pass metabolism is bypassed if morphine is injected and the time interval between the intake of drug and the appearance of drug in blood is very minimal. Still urine remains to be the most effective specimen for the testing the presence of morphine in the body. But it can also be recovered from blood and bile.

Yet urine is the desired specimen because of the non invasive method of collection of sample. You do not need skilled technicians for collecting samples as that of collecting blood. The test for the contamination of the samples is also simple and easy to perform. Moreover the drug can not be missed in urine as it is the final pathway for the excretion of the metabolites. You need to remember that you can not detect the drug in urine for a short interval between the ingestion of the drug and appearance of the drug in urine.

There are few techniques how to make your drug testing useful. Know the best method to detect the drug, the time interval and the general clinical signs and symptoms that correlates with the abuse of the drug. Further enquire about the therapeutic intake of the drug in the body or else you may diagnose the patient wrongly as an addict.

Drug test for morphine is mostly by urine testing and in many cases it is a part of every kind of rapid drug screening. Cost of drug testing and the effectiveness is really better with multiple drug screening than with just one test for each drug. Going for multiple panel tests are better and economical and more importantly you have to do a Specimen Validity Testing to make sure the sample is original.

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