Drug Rehabilitation – Methadone Maintenance – Methadone Drug Test

Drug rehabilitation programs are specialized treatment programs meant to help people come out of habitual drug abuse. Very few people come out of their addictive behavior without the need of specialized programs.

Some tend to get better with medical supervision under clinical settings, observed closely for withdrawal symptoms and weaned off abuse gradually. Some people refuse rehabilitation because they enjoy abuse and its effects as they are.

In many legal executions, the court either orders the abuser to take up a rehabilitation program or to continue for a period in prison, refusing the rehabilitation program. To treat long-term abuse controversial methods followed.

For instance, someone who is on opiate and addicted for quite long, experiencing withdrawal symptoms during treatment, are maintained on methadone!

Maintaining someone on methadone is controversial because the drug by itself is habit forming. Methadone mixed with juice, served to the patient, bring down the craving for opiates. While on methadone maintenance, the patient will be able to give up previously addictive opiate. They can resume work.

Drug rehabilitation programs need not always be the inpatient stuff, outpatient drug rehabilitation programs are on the rise, enabling more of them to take up the rehabilitation program while being with their family.

Outpatient drug rehabilitation coupled with psychotherapy work best. However, not all withdrawal programs are on methadone maintenance. The treatment followed varied based on the extent of addiction, the drug involved and the sponsorship plans as provided by the government, employee or insurance.

In severe cases of addiction, addicts might have to take up residential therapeutic programs, and then re-socialize to follow up on an outpatient course. This is to ensure them with the needed psychological support to ensure they do not relapse while left to be on their own.

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