Drug Detection and Testing

Drug testing should be done procedurally, only then it will be possible to get accurate and reliable results. Consumers should know the drug, drug testing procedure. The majority of the drug testing is very easy to perform these days when compared to the testing procedures decades ago.  Traditionally, lot of the test methods were based on titration, graphs and plots and they were highly dependent on how the technician performs the test, but today, that is not the case, even someone with just a basic knowledge on testing drugs will be able to do drug testing with the help of test strips.

Traditionally, while collecting the urine sample, a digital thermometer was used to measure the temperature of urine. The temperature will be calibrated within 96 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, but these days, a number of methods are being employed to estimate the temperature inclusive of using temperature strips.  Traditionally when temperature was recorded manually, it was easy to admit adulteration to the specimen. Hence, there was lot of vulnerability to get inaccurate and unreliable results.

Modern test methods are designed in a way to bypass all such misfits that might interfere with the drug testing results.  This explains the need for drug detection times in urine. All positive results conform to GC / MS or LC / MS analysis. By using a Zero Tolerance testing procedure, the most accurate Negative test results are determined.

The drug detection times in the blood are significantly lesser than that of urine. It is more expensive and the presence of a drug or drugs could be shown in the result together with the influence of the drug or drugs in the individual at a particular time.

A Drug detection timetable shows some of the drug varieties, medical usage, and the period of time, the drug influences the body.



Medical uses

Drug Detection times in urine


Swallowed, smoked

Limited, Analgesic

14 days-11 weeks


Swallowed, smoked

Limited, Analgesic

14 days-11 weeks


Injected, swallowed

Anesthetic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative

2-10 days


Injected, swallowed

Antianxiety, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative

1-6 weeks



Analgesic, antitussive

2-4 days


Injected, smoked,


8-24 hours



Analgesic, antidiarrheal

2- 4 days


Injected, smoked,

Local anesthetic, vasoconstrictor

2-7 days


Smoked, Snorted,
taken in snuff and
spit tobacco

Treatment for nicotine dependence

4-30 days



Antidote for methanol poisoning

6 hours-2 days


Applied to skin


2 days- 2 weeks


Injected, smoked
swallowed,  snorted

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obesity, narcolepsy

1-3 days

Drug dog detection services started in U.S. customs at border crossing. The dogs inspect all facilities for the presence of illegal drugs. Specially trained dogs can smell the scent of Opium, Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine etc., When they locate a drug, place their nose and they sit at that place. Strong psychological deterrent against anyone using or selling drugs at work has been created by unannounced inspections.

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