Drug demand reduction program

Drug demand reduction program was set up by the United States attorney’s office. This program was initiated with an intention at eradication of drugs from house, workplace, school and other buildings where the illegal drugs are sold and distributed. Drug houses are typically donated as the neighbourhood which are owned by absconder landlords. Often this neighbourhood are rent to leaseholder for very low lease.

Initially this program actively focused over certain neighbourhood and identified about 16 drug houses. Later it had started to focus on the city side neighbourhood and hill areas. This program is composed of series of growing steps.

First a notice letter is sent by the United States attorney’s office to the property owners for cultivating or distributing illegal drugs. Owners are asked to attend the meeting held at attorney’s office.

At the meeting, the property owners are clued up of their solution, such as enforcement of rent section that forbids drug activity. If these steps are unsuccessful, the United States Attorney’s Office will seek more severe sanctions, such as civil forfeiture of the properties, and even criminal prosecution of the owners in appropriate cases for managing or controlling any place for the purpose of illegal drug action.

This program was actually announced in April 2004 and about 120 owners, landlords, lease holders are informed of the offence activity occurring at their possessions. Most of the landlords are rehabilitated.

One individual has been productively put on trial for intentionally preserving his house for the utilization and sharing of controlled drugs. The defendant was sentenced to 30 months in top-security prison. The possessions were sold to a neighbourhood improvement organization, which built a new single-family home in its place.  State drug testing law, federal drug testing law, alcohol and drug testing in Canada, screening for drug abuse, abuse drug yolo have joined drug reduction program.

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