Drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy – alcohol drug testing

Almost 4 percent of pregnant women in the United States exploit illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and other amphetamines, and heroin. Other illicit drugs possibly will create a variety of threat for pregnant women and their children. a little of these drugs can cause a infant to be born too small or premature birth, or to have withdrawal symptoms, birth imperfection or knowledge and behavioral problems.

This is because most of the pregnant women who abuse prohibited drugs also abuse alcohol and tobacco, which also create risks to fetus; it is frequently tricky to find out which health problems are caused by an exact illegal drug. Moreover, illegal drugs may be primed with contamination that can be dangerous to a pregnancy.

At last, pregnant women who abuse illegal drugs possibly will fit into place with other harmful behaviors which are risk for pregnancy, such as having very deprived diet or increasing sexually transmitted diseases. All of these aspects formulate it hard to make out exact reasons for which of illicit drugs effects are on pregnancy.

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse during pregnancy will be passed directly to the fetus. Drug addiction will affect the fetus growth and development. If you analyze the history of disabled people you will come to know the reason would be the drug abuse during pregnancy. Most of the babies born to the drug addicted mother will be underdeveloped and lack thinking ability and behavioral power. Now days it has become very common in western countries where a pregnant women is addicted to both drug and alcohol. They lack knowledge about the consequence of drug addiction and its effects.

Alcohol drug testing, amphetamine drug screen, marijuana drug testing, drug testing codeine, drug test nicotine are tested conducted for pregnant women to test for drug addiction in them.

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