Drug addiction spoils the company’s production

Workplace is the top rated place where drugs have spoiled the users and production of the company. Workers are the next susceptible victims next to teens for drugs. As the workers are becoming out busted and some family problems makes them to addict drugs. Carrying drugs to the workplace had become very easy and could not found out by the supervisor.

Drugs are carried in to the workplace by means of their pockets in their clothes, food containers and hided in their inner wear too. The problem of drug addiction in work place is that production gets reduced. The production rate suddenly gets lowered due to inattentiveness of the worker.

Drug addiction makes the user to lack concentration in the working there by reducing the production work, lack of attendance in the working hours, more spending time for using drug even in between tea breaks. Drug addiction will be encouraged by the co-workers in the workplace. Overdose of drugs might result in accidents which must be compensated by the company. Company faces a great loss due to drug addicted worker.

Once the company is seeing fall out in their growth, they can check out with their workers. It might due to their drug addiction as well. Supervisor must watch the workers carefully, not letting free for more than 5 minutes. Workers must be warned by the head of the working department so that it will not be repeated again.

Drug testing in the workplace is the right choice for eliminating the drugs from workplace. Almost all companies have adopted drug testing in their place and ruling out the drug users. Employers drug test, workplace drug test, random drug testing employee, employee drug screens, employment drug and alcohol testing are the kinds of drug test that can be conducted in work palce.

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