Drug Addiction – Nutritional Defects And Mental Illness

Drug addiction is the process of hijacking the function of central nervous system by the drug. As the total control of the body is maintained by the brain, any defect in the brain leads to abnormal condition and finally results in death. The death related with use of one or more drug is called as acute drug death or overdose or poisoning. The majority of premature death is from the age 20- 44. The most victims are men than women at the mean age of 30.

The effect of the drug can be classified as short term effects and long term effects. In the case of short term effects the low dosage of drug impairs the brain function. The abnormal behaviors of the affected individual are impairment in the cognition and judgment and other machinery activities. The other changes are the violent acts and domestic abuse.

In the case of long term effects, sudden withdrawal of drugs leads to anxiety, depression and finally death. The symptoms are accompanied by other abnormal function of important organs, nutritional defects and mental illness.

The other reason for premature death is in the case of drug addiction during pregnancy. As the drug is up taken by the fetus at early stage of development it develops retarded growth and mental related abnormalities. Such type of child cannot survive for long time. This is the indirect way and effect of drug addiction. Hence these types of children develop high level of risk than the normal drug addicted children.

Amphetamine drug test, benzo drug testing, urine alcohol testing, alcohol use disorder identification test are the different types of tests done to detect probable addiction. 5 panel urine drug test is the simplest of multiple drugs testing. With 10 and 12 panel kits you can test for even more number of drugs.

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