Drug Addiction Is A Chronic And Relapsing Disease – Drug Testing

Many people believe that drug addiction mainly occurs due to the moral weakness of a person. They are of the opinion that anyone with will power can easily come out of drug addiction. One might not know the real complexity of coming out of drug addiction. The real fact is that drug addiction is considered to be a chronic and relapsing disease because of its prolonged effects in brain.

It is considered to be a brain disease because of the effects caused by drug abuse in the structure and function of the brain. Initially, people take drugs just for fun, but later is not able to control the drug cravings. Actually, the drug causes a change in the brain, hinders with a person’s self control, sends intense impulses that causes compulsive drug seeking behavior.

Drugs react with brain’s communication system and affect the way the nerve cells respond to or send messages to other parts of the body. This is done in 2 ways. One is by overstimulating the brain’s reward circuit and the other is by imitating the natural chemical messengers of the brain. All illicit drugs affect the reward system of the brain by increasing the dopamine flow.

Amphetamine drug testing, adderall xr drug test, valium drug testing, urine testing for drugs of abuse, and non regulated substance abuse testing are mostly used to identify relapse in those who are under rehabilitative treatment for drug addiction.

The drug rehab programs play a significant role in the treatment of drug addiction. The program uses medications along with psychotherapy to treat drug addiction. The factors like drug abuse patterns, co-occurring medical, psychiatric, and social problems are taken in to consideration while treating a patient. This way of patient-focused treatment provides a sustained recovery.

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