Drug Addiction Can Be Tested By Ten Panel Drug Screen Test

Drug addiction is the chronic brain disease rather than a moral issue. Drug addiction is similar to that of other chronic disease such as diabetes, asthma, kidney failure and hypertension. Drug addiction alters the activity of the brain and brings about the changes that last forever. Hence drug addiction is called as chronic brain disease. Brain consists of network of nerves where it provides signals for each and every action produced by the body. The main parts of brain affected by the drug addiction are the cortex, limbic region and hippocampus. The resulting distorted brain insists to do illegal things and get addicted to the drug.

Drug addiction can be tested by ten panel drug screen test, 12 panel drug test, 5 panel urine drug test, or single panel tests. You can also decide between urine testing and saliva testing for all these multiple panels based on your convenience. Several of them frown and feel offended in having to offer a urine sample; however, they are perfectly okay in providing with a saliva sample.

To treat the chronic addiction disease relapse have to be considered foremost. During treatment it is necessary to understand about the reason for the relapse and what are the factors contributing for the relapse. Treatment should adjust with the physical and physiological behavior of the addicted person. Treating the chronic addiction is not easy like other chronic diseases. To recover from the drug addiction the affected individual should undergo long-term healing treatment.

The alternative method of rebalancing the brains chemistry is the anti – addiction medications. This medication balances the dopamine and other neurotransmitters to recover from the drug damage and makes the patient to regain the memory, thinking and other normal behavior.

After the drug addiction treatment, the individual should change the behavior, regular check up have to followed and duty have to be performed well or else there is a chance for relapse.

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