Drug addict driver’s myth

Drink driving is wide spread among most of the drivers so as to carry out the driving with no tired. All the drivers do share more or less similar myth for using drugs and drinks while driving. The myths among drug addict drivers include

· I’m in safe hands when driving although with drug addiction

· It is not against the law to take a drive with alcohol and drug use

· Drugs cannot be predicted and I will not get trapped in drug testing

· Drink driving is not a much bigger problem

These are the myth among the drug addict and they do not realize the consequence of drug effects. Growing drug use in driving is largely associated with road collides and vehicular deaths. Drivers may think that drink drive is safe but the statistics tells the true story about the vehicular deaths.

Studies show that most of the vehicular deaths in highways are due to drug and drink driving. Most of the drivers are with cannabis or amphetamine drug addiction while driving. Moreover some drivers have alcohol concentration more than 0.05 percent.

Drivers think that they won’t get trapped in drug testing. Now road side saliva drug testing is conducted to stop vehicular deaths. This saliva test is conducted to detect for the drugs like methamphetamines such as speed, ice; MDMA and THC. These drugs will impair the concentrations of driving and causes crashes and deaths. Any drivers can be tested at any time. Not only suspected ones are taken for test all the drivers who passes in the highway.

Test conducted in highway are testing for methamphetamine, meth oral drug test, Oralert drug test, drug tests Oralert, swab drug testing. drivers with this myth can’t run for long time they will be caught on any one day.

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